The Post Chaise


October 22, 2023

35° 0′ 0″ N, 35° 0′ 0″ E

Vestiges of ancient empires

A jetty and small harbour, half in the sun light, half darkened by the impeding storm
Two sets of couples on respective benches looking out to sea
View looking over a hotel grounds and pool
Looking up at the hotel from the previous photo, palm trees and a white building, boxy with lots of glass.
High contrast, black and white image of the pool, palms and sun.
A concrete bench at dusk, the supports are lightly illuminated making the grey concrete glow a warm red/yellow
A series of buoys to guide small boats out to sea at dusk
Construction crane over new and old buildings, juxtaposed with palm trees. The sun is low making everything glow.
The sun setting just above the horizon, back lighting the Paphos Castle ruins
Moon in waxing crescent
High contrast light on a hotel room creating shadow
Sun glinting through some palms
Sun picking out details on the red flowers in the hotel bushes.
The lifeguard look out illuminated by the sun set