The Post Chaise


July 19, 2020

50° 24′ 27″ N, 50° 24′ 27″ E

"I am heading on holiday next week"
"Oh, right, whereabouts in Cornwall are you going?"

With COVID-19 abating (which later proved to be a temporary state), we were free to explore again. Travelling around the British Isles has always gotten put on the back burner when there are seemingly more foreign places to visit are a plane ride away. Cornwall looked like a fair start for swapping with sunny Mallorca, so we packed up into our car and headed southwest.

Being part of the British Isles meant that it rained for half the trip.

Which didn't matter.

Getting outside, away from video calls is what counted.

Banality became novelty.

With the previous months being limiting on what we could experience, both from not being allowed to go outside more than once a day, seeing and talking to friends, family, strangers, we wanted just to see something new, anything would be novel. Having young children has compounded this feeling, the joy of activities that one wouldn't notice, or find a chore become exciting again (don't get wrong it still can become mundane to frustrating)