The Post Chaise


2023, February

54° 34′ 36″ N, 2° 55′ 45″ W

Ancient glacial lake in the Lake District, the sun highlighting the winter textures of moss, scrub and aspiring growth.

Looking up at the hills through the woodlands. The peaks are spotted by the sun making them stand out against the shadows.
The sun glancing over the winter ferns, that have dried and gone golden from green
Patches of light breaking through the forest canopy, the rest of the ground is covered in shadow
Looking out at the mountains and hills around Ullswater
A river rushing downhill through the woodlands.
A waterfall snaking under an old stone bridge.
A waterfall rushing through the rocks, the shutter speed of the camera has been slowed to give the illusion that the water looks like silk
Sheep grazing


    Farne Islands

    Aldeburgh Beach